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Excellence De L’Âge Redensifying Night Cream

Luxuriously rich and highly nourishing Excellence de L’Age Sublime Redensifying Night Cream is specially formulated for nighttime use when skin cells are most receptive to regeneration and renewal. Designed for mature skin, it is the ultimate solution to combat signs of aging for firmer, brighter and more youthful skin each morning.


Excellence De L’Âge Sublime Regenerating Cream

The ultimate solution to combat all signs of advanced aging for firmer, more comfortable and younger looking skin. This complete anti-aging skincare product is a:

  • potent, luxuriously rich anti-aging daily moisturizer that combines an innovative Phyto-Age Complex with a unique cocktail of 4 Essential Oils to act directly on wrinkles, loss of firmness and pigmentation irregularities
  • day after day, the skin is softer, more supple, ‘plumped-up’ and luminous


Excellence De L’Âge Balm

This 100% natural, preservative-free new generation balm, with its lush, melt-in texture, offers all the benefits of a made-to-measure aromatic night-care treatment to act on all signs of time. A touch of this balm, an unprecedented synergy of Essential Oils and the Sol-Collagenine Complex,

  • intensely renews the skin overnight
  • helps skin recover a feeling of comfort
  • on awakening the skin appears smooth and firm as if regenerated


Excellence De L’Âge Neck & Décolleté Concentrate

This soft and non-oily global anti-aging skincare product targets the sensitive neck and décolleté areas with the synergy of the innovative ‘lipofilling’ volume effect technology and a fine selection of active ingredients to help:

  • reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore facial volume
  • reduce pigmentation irregularities and even out the neckline area
  • firms the skin and sculpts the neck, while hydrating, comforting, and smoothing out the skin
  • a cocktail of four Essential Oils -Iris, Frankincense, Immortelle and Chamomile help to firm skin and play a powerful carrier role for other active plant ingredients, giving improved effectiveness.


Excellence De L’Âge Youth revealing body cream

Manilkara Extract gives the skin firmness & elasticity, maintains the skin’s firmness & elasticity, and intensely nourishes the skin.


Expression De L’Âge Smoothing Roll’On

Wrinkles and fine lines are relaxed for 69% of women.*

Instantly de-wrinkles and smooths the skin. Formulated with volumizing hyaluronic acid to plump up wrinkles on the forehead and the eye and lip contours.

*Consumer test conducted on 62 women, after 28 days of use.


Excellence De L’Âge Regenerating Eye & Lip Cream

An anti-aging cream with corrective action on wrinkles, firmness and radiance. A daily skincare partner that has been specially formulated for the delicate eye and lip contours. A silky, soft texture that acts on:

  • wrinkles and firmness for an instant “lifting effect,”
  • puffiness and dark circles for a radiant eye area, and the skin-defense system’s strength for a protective effect

Leaves your eyes twinkling anew and your smile radiant.


Expression De L’Age Radiance Smoothing Cream

Specially formulated for women in their thirties, this delicious moisturizer smoothes fine lines and expression lines and helps retain your natural, youthful radiance.

  • Hibiscus Extract targets micro-tensions on the face
  • Bio-Retinol αp2™ smoothes fine lines and expression lines and also helps limit their appearance
  • A selection of plant active ingredients combined with a unique cocktail of Essential Oils acts on hydration, imperfections, environmental stress and pollution

Day after day, your skin’s youthfulness is preserved: your skin is smoother and regains its natural radiance.


Aroma Cleanse Fresh Purifying Gel

Designed for Oily and Combination skin, Fresh Purifying Gel is the first step for purifying and cleansing the skin. Experience a light gel which lathers into a fresh mousse while leaving the skin hydrated, clean and radiant.


Aromessence™ Excellence

This 100% pure and natural new generation serum for total anti aging benefits is free of preservatives for optimal affinity with the skin. This unique and special treatment:

  • helps renew the skin, combat skin dehydration, reduces pigmentation blemishes
  • Leaves the skin smoothed, firmed, plumped up, deliciously nourished, evenly toned and protected
  • Increases the performance of the EXCELLENCE DE L’ÂGE SUBLIME REGENERATING CREAM

Aromessence™ EXCELLENCE is the quickest and most direct beauty routine available to act on all signs of time.